E.L.F. Eye Primer… Yay or Nay??

E.L.F. Eye Primer

E.L.F. Eye Primer

Since I have been watching beauty tutorials and vlogs on YouTube (which I do a LOT), I’ve noticed that at this point, almost all beauty gurus use eye primer and foundation primer. I never really understood the point of this. Why throw on more gunk underneath the gunk?? But it’s been a good while now since I’ve started watching these vlogs, and I’ve decided that with all of the makeup I already own and considering how much time goes into it for me because of my love for it, I just had to try them. SO, I went on a hunt at Target! I love drugstore makeup (minus the exception of Bare Minerals… love that [expensive] stuff!). I ended up buying Neutrogena face primer and E.L.F. Eye Primer. I’m just reviewing the Eye Primer for now, but I may do the face primer later:)

Here’s some pictures of the E.L.F. primer swatches compared to no primer:

Matte and Shimmer

Matte and Shimmer

The top swatches are without the primer, and the bottom are with. There is an obvious difference! I never knew how much better eyeshadow will go on and how pigmented it can look even with a cheap primer (E.L.F. Primer– $1!!!)! I used the Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette to swatch a few colors.

88 Shimmer

88 Shimmer

Here I’ve swatched some shadows form the Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer palette. Not as much improvement as the 88 Original shadows (without glitter), but STILL a big improvement! The shadows go on less powdery with the primer (bottom swatches).


Finally, I ran my hand under some really warm water. Yep. I was going full force when it comes to testing this primer stuff out. And after about 45 seconds or so of water, I didn’t see hardly any difference with the primer swatches (bottom, obviously). This stuff ain’t no joke.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this stuff! Although the high-dollar stuff is SOMETIMES better, if you don’t want to spend ridiculous money on a primer (Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion– $20), go with this E.L.F. Eye Primer. It’s cheap, and it does it’s job.

The only beef I have with it is you have to blend it, it isn’t invisible. So women with darker skin probably won’t want to go for this one, unless you reeeally blend it out. A+, E.L.F.!


Christmas in April?!

So I know it’s April and we aren’t even close to Christmas again, but this is just such an awesome idea that I can’t wait months to share it! Plus Christmastime is the best, so why not start early;)

We all have at least a box or two full of old toys that we don’t play with any more but we just can’t seem to get rid of. If you’re trying to find something to do with those cherished toys, why not make them into Christmas ornaments?! I found this on Pinterest (of course!) and I wonder why I hadn’t thought of it before.

Here’s what you’ll need:
Ornament hooks and/or Ribbon
Hot glue gun

That’s it!

All you have to do is take your ornament hook or your ribbon and hot glue it onto the back of your toy! Let it dry and you have yourself a brand new ornament:)

Check out the g*rated Blog for the original tutorial:)

Barbie Fashion for You!

So, as some may not, I loooove me some Barbie! Barbie anything is pretty much OK with me and I thought I’d do a little fashion dedication to the greatest fashionista doll of all time!;)

Barbie Sweater



I found this sweater on Pinterest, and I can’t seem to find it anywhere, but here’s one VERY similar on Asos! Some may think it’s a bit tacky (I won’t lie– there is a LOT going on on this one sweater…) but I would wear it as a comfy sweater for if I’m running to the store, or even around the house! Wear what you want– if you like it, WEAR IT!:)

Barbie Leggings

Ooh la la!

Ooh la la!

These are fab. Let’s not even lie to ourselves. Leggings are comfy, and poo on anyone who says they aren’t pants!;) I’ll wear these out and about with a long tunic or long tank top, so it covers the booty a little. Loud leggings are definitely acceptable if you pair them with a toned-down shirt and shoes! Find these at Miss Selfridge Website!

Barbie Earrings


Etsy Barbie Earrings:)


These are precious. I love how these earrings look like the original Barbie writing on the boxes!

Find these here!: Etsy!

Here are my Barbie earrings! I got them from Hot Topic:)


Barbie Earrings from Hot Topic!

And finally…

Who would Barbie be without her signature pink heels?!


Steve Madden Fuschia Satin Rhinestone Encrusted Platform Heels! *phew*

Steve Madden Fuschia Satin Rhinestone Encrusted Platform Heels! *phew*

These heels are definitely a splurge, but if you are wanting full-on Barbie heels, these pretty much hit the mark! They’re Steve Madden brand, and you can find them at Amiclubwear.com!

So here’s your Barbie-inspired wardrobe! Though I wouldn’t suggest wearing all of these things at once… But then again as I like to say, wear what you want and if you DO where them all together– more power to ya!!;) Hope you guys enjoyed this Barbie-inspired post, and if you have any Barbie clothes or jewelry feel free to share pics with me!:)

Pokemon Nails?!



So if yall love you some Pokemon like me, here’s some spiffy nail art to profess your Poke-love to the WORLD!

Here be whatcha need:
Red nail polish
White nail polish
Clear coat
Black/Dark Blue nail art pen

1) Apply a clear base coat. Once dry, apply 1-2 coats of pure white nail polish all over your nails.

2) Once the white is dry, apply red polish to the ends of nails. The line does not have to be perfect, because you will be going over it with black/dark blue later:)


3) Once the red is dry, make a line with your black/dark blue nail art pen over the line where the red and white nail polish meets (pinky finger). Next, draw a small circle in the center of the line and fill in. It helps to draw a half circle on one side, and then the other half of the circle on the opposite side (see my ring finger?). This helps to keep the circle even;)


4) Apply a clear top coat, and voila! You be snazzy in yo cute Pokenails!


Any white/red/black nail polish will do, but if you want to know what specific brands I used feel free to ask;)


Coastal Scents: 88 Palettes & Contour Blush Palette, Short Review



So if you guys are like me, you like to change up your makeup looks a lot! This is great and fun and all, but it can get expensive if you get bored with the same makeup quickly. I decided to buy some palettes from Coastal Scents’ website after watching Leesha! aka xSparkage do a ton of amazing tutorials with their stuff! I got 4 palettes:

88 Original Palette
88 Ultra Shimmer Palette
88 Warm Palette
Contour Blush Palette

Gotta say, these palettes have just about EVERY color of the rainbow! :O They allow you to do so many different looks! I haven’t bought eyeshadow for months, because there’s really no need with having every color right there in the palette. Coastal Scents has a lot of awesome specials around holidays, and their palettes are all 30% til tomorrow! —> Coastal Scents Website

First off, here’s a better look at the

Contour Palette

Coastal Scents Contour Palette

Coastal Scents Contour Palette

I know that the dark brown color seems REALLY dark, but trust me, in moderation it’s perfectly useable! I use it as a contour color as well as a bronzer in the summertime. The versatility of this palette is great– each of these colors are perfectly useable for just about any skin tone, which is why I love it.

Contouring and highlighting may seem like a lot of extra unnecessary work, but I think it’s really fun. It’s a great way to accentuate certain features, and play with face structure.

Contouring and highlighting are two different things. Contouring helps to define parts of your face in ways that you want them to be defined! One of the most common things to do when contouring is to define your cheekbones by placing the contour color (which is always darker than your natural skin tone!) in the hollows of your cheeks:) Simple!
Highlighting allows you to highlight areas on your face where light would naturally fall, giving you a healthy, glowy and awake look. You would normally highlight the tops of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, chin, forehead and cupid’s bow (above your lip). xSparkage has a spiffy tutorial on this exact palette:

88 Original Palette

88 Original

88 Original

This palette has mainly matte, plus some satin (slightly shimmery) finish colors. The matte colors tend to be high-pigment, which means that they’ll go on nice and bright:) 

88 Ultra Shimmer

88 Ultra Shimmer

88 Ultra Shimmer

The 88 Ultra Shimmer palette is basically the 88 original, except… more shimmery! Shimmer shadow has little flecks in it that reflect light for a shiny effect. If you like bold these are great for you. I wouldn’t use these every day, but I like them for going out at night, special occasions and highlighting matte and satin finishes:)

88 Warm Palette

88 Warm

88 Warm

This palette is probably my favorite, or at least my most used. It has warm and natural colors, as well as lots of highlights, and I can say that I’ve used the most colors out of this palette (as you can see by the messy fallout everywhere in the picture… hehe). If you like subtle or natural looks, this palette is for you. These are really easy to mix and match, making it a good palette for newbie eyeshadow-ers;)

I hope this was helpful to you guys, and feel free to send me some pics of your eyeshadow creations!:)

DIY Recycled Bottle Glasses!

I saw this and was instantly in love with this idea. I love those old Coke glasses (like the ones at Steak n Shake and the ones you can buy at McDonald’s!) but I just don’t want to spend money on them. One way to make your own personalized drinking glasses is to turn used bottles into glasses! You can use just about any sort of bottles for this– Coke bottles, Corona bottles, Starbucks Frappuccino bottles, you get the idea. And you only need a few household things:)

Here’s what you’ll need:
Glass bottles
Nail polish remover
Sink filled with ice water

I found a really great YouTube video from TrashPeaches. She takes you through the whole process step by step and makes it look super easy!


If you don’t necessarily want to watch the video, here’s some instructions.

Step 1: Rinse your used glass bottle. Keep the lid removed, and wrap some yarn around the bottle where you want it to be cut, about 5 or 6 times, and tie it in a knot.

Step 2: Slip the yarn off of the bottle, and soak it in the nail polish remover. You can do this easily by pouring some of the remover into the remover lid and stuffing the yarn into that. No need to let it set, just as long as the yarn is saturated.

Step 3: Slip the yarn back around the bottle where you want it to break.

Step 4: Now, light the string on fire. BE CAREFUL, I recommend using a long candle lighter for safety. Once the string is lit, turn the bottle carefully, holding it by the end of the neck, so that the fire travels all the way around the string. Turn the bottle quite a few times, until the fire goes out. Be careful of gases! You may want to open a window:)




Step 5: Once the fire is out, dip the bottle into the sink full of ice water. The bottle should fall apart easily!

Step 6: Now, to make drinking out of the glass safe, sand the edges.

So, here is how MY bottle turned out…



Yikes! Not so pretty… A couple of suggestions I have for you guys before you start your bottle craft:

* Make SURE that your nail polish remover contains acetone! We made the mistake of not noticing the “non-acetone” label on the front before we started the craft and had to make a trip to get some acetone remover!
* Use YARN. Thick yarn would be best. I used Iris brand cotton crafting string, thinking it would be thick enough– wrong! You want the yarn to get really saturated and be able to burn for a good amount of time before dunking it in the water, otherwise it just plain won’t work! And also, make sure the yarn is evenly placed around the bottle where you want it to break. As you can see, mine’s a little jagged. At this point I was more concerned with getting the thing to break than where it was going to break!
* Finally, DO NOT GET NAIL POLISH REMOVER ALL OVER THE BOTTLE. Sorry for Caps-Lock-Screaming at you, but I did this. The whole bottle was aflame, my friends. Had to throw it in the sink, water everywhere. Oh boy… Funny in hindsight but not at the moment!
With these things being said…

Enjoy your new homemade one-of-a-kind glasses! Now get to crafting!

Shiny Hair: My Upkeep and Tips!

So I have a lot of hair. I mean, a LOT. It’s like, probably comparable to Cousin It. My hair has always been pretty healthy, but it’s gotten damaged through the years because of the dying! If you dye your hair a lot like me and need some ideas on how to keep it healthy I have a few for you!

Tip #1) Wash your hair every other day at the most! This one is pretty simple, but this TRULY does help. If you are washing your hair EVERY day– yes, even if you condition it– it strips your hair of its natural oils. These natural oils are actually good for your hair and keep it healthy and shiny. We don’t want Snape-like oily hair, but every other day and even every two days is definitely doable:) Plus, second-day hair is SO much easier to handle if you’re trying to style it!

Tip #2) If you bleach your hair, wait at least a week or two between bleachings. It’s an obvious that bleach is bad for your hair, but it’s okay in moderation. The two-week period between bleachings (even better if you can wait longer!) allows your hair to repair. Once your hair is bleached though, just know that it is NEVER going back to its original health! So be careful, you can never be too cautious with bleach!

Tip #3) Deep conditioning treatments are your BFF. Apply them to your just-washed damp hair and let it sit between 10-15 minutes before rinsing. Sally’s Beauty Supply usually has little packets (good for 2 uses or so if you have long thick hair like me!) on the front counter, and they range from .99 cents to $1.19. Can’t beat that!

Tip #4) Chi stuff is awesome! I know it’s kind of cliche, but this stuff is great. After I ombre’d my hair, I applied the Chi Silk Infusion to my ends. I could tell a difference in how dry my ends were in 2 days! I’ve found that Chi brand oils are great because they aren’t TOO oily. Definitely recommend. The Chi 44 Iron Guard is good stuff too, if you’re a frequent user of flat irons or curling irons. Of course this is only my experience with these products, and they can be pricey. But it’s worth a try if you’re desperate for damage-control!



Tip #5) K-PAK by Joico! I had no idea what this was the first time I heard of it, but it’s some pretty intense hair-therapy shampoo and conditioner. It was recommended to mi Madre, whose hair was pretty frazzled after some (a lot of) run-ins with bleach in the 80s. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the 80s! Hair can’t be too big;) But it wasn’t a good decade for healthy hair, and this stuff has done wonders for my Mom’s hair.

Look it's me and Momsy!

Look it’s me and Momsy! We be stylin’!

So come on peeps! Take care of yo hair!