It’s Just Hair!

Have you seen a gorgeous hairstyle online that you just LOVE, but are too scared to go for it because you can’t “pull it off”?.. This isn’t so much a fashion post as it is an encouragement post! I’ve heard far too many people say “I love your hair, but I couldn’t pull it off… […]

MAC vs. Revlon– Orange Lipstick

Hello, everyone! I wanted to do a quick review on a couple of lipsticks that I really love. MAC just recently released a new online-only Hayley Williams line, and I looove orange lipstick so naturally I had to get the Sounds Like Noise limited edition color. It’s a matte, and it was $15 (free shipping). […]

Current Favorite DIY Home Decorations

Lately I’ve been all about interior design and fun and easy DIY home decor, so here’s a few favorites I’ve stumbled across! Some are more doable than others, but all of these are manageable if you take some time! Plus, decorating your home and making it yours via your own DIY stuff makes ya feel […]

Hayley Williams Fashion and Hair

Hayley Williams… …has the best punk rock alternative style– her hair, her clothes, her attitude, everything! She’s a really interesting and genuine person, never afraid to be a little quirky and different, which makes her style that much better. She’s on of my personal style icons, so I want to hopefully inspire you and share […]

Origami Stars! ^.^

When I saw this tutorial on Pinterest, I was so excited! I used to make these little stars when I was a little girl in elementary school, and I know many of my friends did too! If you were one of those and you forgot how to make them, or even if you’ve never made […]

Hello Kitty Fashion! =^..^=

Hello Kitty. You either love her or ya hate her. I happen to have a newfound love for HK! Now that I’ve gotten into it, I see Hello Kitty everywhere. I just want to share with you guys some of the cutest Hello Kitty fashion I’ve run across– and,  it’s affordable! Here’s some things that […]