MAC vs. Revlon– Orange Lipstick

Hello, everyone! I wanted to do a quick review on a couple of lipsticks that I really love.

MAC just recently released a new online-only Hayley Williams line, and I looove orange lipstick so naturally I had to get the Sounds Like Noise limited edition color. It’s a matte, and it was $15 (free shipping). I got it and I really do love it– it’s really pigmented and I like matte lipsticks. I noticed it was a lot like my Revlon Creme Super Lustrous lipstick in Siren (only about $5 from Target). Here’s a swatch and side-by-side:


On the left is MAC’s matte Sounds Like Noise, and the right swatch/lipstick is Revlon’s Creme Siren. The Revlon swatch (right) has a bit more reddish tint to it than the MAC. Also, if you don’t like matte, don’t go with the MAC… it’s REALLY matte! I usually put on some chap stick before applying the matte colors because they’re so dry.

I love them both, so really it’s just preference. If you feel like splurging a little and you really love orange lipsticks like me, go for the MAC one! On a regular day, though, I have to stick with my go-to… Good ol’ Burt’s Bees;)


Happy makeup-ing!:)


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