Be a Nerd Loud and Proud!– Nerdy Fashion

Apparently, it is more than “acceptable” to be a nerd today. This is great for nerdy girls like me! If you’re a nerd and are in need of some fashion to flaunt that nerdy-ness, then here’s a few sites for you to check out!

Black Milk Clothing:

Above, I’ve posted a few of my favorites from! I’ll start out by being honest here… this place is kinda super expensive. But if you just have to have your LOTR leggings, Gameboy dress or Darth swimsuit, then they certainly have it! They’re known for their Middle Earth and Star Wars themed clothes:)

Hot Topic:


Generally, when one thinks of Hot Topic, one generally thinks of screamo, the color black and generally scary things. But seriously, Hot Topic has some awesome nerdy stuff! YouTube stars, Doctor Who, and my personal favorite– Harry Potter😉

Forever 21:


Forever 21 is my favorite store– they have every kind of everything so you can be sure to find something that suits your personal style, plus they are not afraid to cater to us nerds– Back to the Future, cats and dinos, oh my!

Hope you all enjoyed this post, and stay nerdy!


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