Current Favorite DIY Home Decorations

Lately I’ve been all about interior design and fun and easy DIY home decor, so here’s a few favorites I’ve stumbled across! Some are more doable than others, but all of these are manageable if you take some time! Plus, decorating your home and making it yours via your own DIY stuff makes ya feel warm and fuzzy inside;)

1) Hanging Flower Poofs

Why, it is a poof of flowers!

Why, it is a poof of flowers!

These are adorable and add a little life to your place. All you need is a foam ball (a 3″ ball is about $5) and some flowers (daisies are $1.67 at Hobby Lobby). Pin them or glue them onto the styrofoam ball, and voila. Hang with some ribbon or twine.

2) Bed Canopy and Light Display

bed canopy

Use tulle, organza or chiffon to create a homemade canopy, and use white Christmas lights for a warm glow at night:) BE CAREFUL not to let the Christmas lights rest on the fabric for too long with the lights on. It is best to pin the lights up first, and make sure that the fabric doesn’t touch the lights at all. Most Christmas light bulbs are probably not hot enough to light any fabric on fire, but better safe than not! This is easy to do, and adds a little something to simple bedroom decor.

3) Mason Glitter Candle Jars



These are great for Christmas time, or just as every day decoration! You can use whichever glitter color your heart desires for this project. Make a glue formula with any household glue (Elmer’s works great) and some water. The water makes the glue base easier to spread. Coat the inside of the jars with the glue formula, and throw in the glitter of your choice. Roll the glitter around, dump the excess and there ya have it. All you need is a tea light, and you are good to go:)

4) CD Rack Turned Storage

Ooh country chic;)

Ooh country chic;)

This is as simple as it sounds– it’s just a simple CD rack turned sideways and mounted onto the wall! How great is this for bathroom storage??

5) Spray Painted Thrifted Statues


Old plastic statues that you can find at any thrift store can be re-vamped by spray painting them metallic or white. You could even do spiffy colors like teal or hot pink:) Make it your own– cheap AND fun.

Hope this has inspired some of you! Now get to crafting!;)


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