Hayley Williams Fashion and Hair

Hayley Williams…

…has the best punk rock alternative style– her hair, her clothes, her attitude, everything! She’s a really interesting and genuine person, never afraid to be a little quirky and different, which makes her style that much better. She’s on of my personal style icons, so I want to hopefully inspire you and share some of her best style moments with you guys! Hope you enjoy– and comment to let me know who YOUR style icon is:)

First, for one of the things she is most known for (besides her awesome music, of course!): her crazy neon hair!

Original Orange and Yellow

Original Orange and Yellow ’07

Solid Orange Classic Bob

Solid Orange Classic Bob ’10

Pink and Orange w/ Baby Bangs

Pink and Orange w/ Baby Bangs ’13

Hayley has rocked many hairstyles– medium shags, baby bangs, classic bobs, even a sidecut! She rocks them all because she wears them with confidence!

Next: Hayley’s Wardrobe


As far as her wardrobe goes, Hayley’s clothes are mostly black and white with random splashes of color. She’s got a very punk-rock style (fittingly so), and she pretty much wears whatever she wants. Check out StealHerStyle.net to steal her style and see where you can get exact replicas of her style. But don’t be afraid to go for a similar style on your own– just use her style as inspiration for your own!

Hope this has given you a little inspiration, and be like Hayley– wear what you want, be who you want, and don’t be afraid to express yourself in your own way:)


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