Origami Stars! ^.^

When I saw this tutorial on Pinterest, I was so excited! I used to make these little stars when I was a little girl in elementary school, and I know many of my friends did too! If you were one of those and you forgot how to make them, or even if you’ve never made them before, this tutorial is easy and fun!

What you need:
Paper (You can color plain printer paper with pencils/crayons/markers!)

Steps 1-3:
1) Cut strips of paper that measure 8.5″ x 0.5″
2) Fold around into bow (bottom left)
3) Fold and insert tab into hole (bottom right)

Steps 4-6…
4) Gently pull tab thru (top left)
5) Fold excess tab (top right)
6) Keep folding!… and folding… and folding… until…

Steps 7-9
7) You’re now left with this! (top left)
8) Insert remaining tab inside (top right)– now you have a flat pentagon!
9) Use your nail to push in all 5 sides and…

VOILA! Your origami stars!

Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial! These are great to make just for fun, to put out decoratively (in a bowl, etc.), as confetti, used inside gift boxes or whatever you want. You can even use scrapbook paper or decorate them yourself with colored pencils!

Happy Origami-ing:3


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