It’s Just Hair!

Have you seen a gorgeous hairstyle online that you just LOVE, but are too scared to go for it because you can’t “pull it off”?.. This isn’t so much a fashion post as it is an encouragement post!

I’ve heard far too many people say “I love your hair, but I couldn’t pull it off… ” “Your outfit rocks, but I sure couldn’t pull that off…” “Your eye makeup awesome but I just couldn’t pull it off…”… Well know what? I’m tired of hearing that phrase! If you see something that you want to try– whether it be a new way of doing your eye makeup, a different clothing style, a pair of high heels just cause, or a crazy hair style, I want to encourage you to just go for it! Today, I want to focus on hair. So many people are afraid to do anything different with their hair, but here’s why you should…

Why you should go for it:1) It’s only hair– it grows back! I promise you. If you don’t like something, it’s not going to be on your head forever!!
2) You shouldn’t worry about what others think– if you like it, then that’s all that matters! So many girls are afraid to do something different because of what people will say, whether it be friends, boyfriend, parents, family, coworkers, random people in the hallway or store… It may be hard sometimes, but I strongly encourage you to forget about everyone else’s opinion and do what makes you happy.
3) Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind– so maybe your boyfriend will be a little taken aback when you come home one day with a side cut and pink tips– but he’ll get over it, as will everyone else who cares about you.

So with all that in mind, here’s a few crazy hairstyles you should try– and WHY you should try them!



Starting out with a bang here. A sidecut is just what it sounds like– a shorter-cut section of hair on the side of your face. It may sound crazy, but I think it looks awesome!
Why you should do it:

  • It’s unique
  • Hair grows back
  • It’s easy to cover up– simply flip over regular length hair to cover it


Ombre is lightening the ends of your hair to contrast the roots color. This is a little less crazy for those of you who want a change but don’t want to go all out!
Why you should do it:

  • Isn’t too crazy– can decide how much contrast you want
  • Easy to DIY– do it in your own home!
  • Work-friendly

Pink Hair:

Pink hair is becoming more and more popular, which means it’s even more acceptable! I’ve seen so many different beautiful unnatural hair colors, and anyone can rock this. I had pink hair for a year and LOVED it.
Why you should do it:

  • It’s fun
  • It’s unique
  • You can make it your own– mix colors to get the exact color of the rainbow that you want for your hair
  • It will wash out– you can even dye over it if all else fails!

I hope that if any of you are on the fence about a crazy ‘do and have been too scared to do it, you just decide to go for it! You’ll feel so great about yourself, and that’s all that matters:)



MAC vs. Revlon– Orange Lipstick

Hello, everyone! I wanted to do a quick review on a couple of lipsticks that I really love.

MAC just recently released a new online-only Hayley Williams line, and I looove orange lipstick so naturally I had to get the Sounds Like Noise limited edition color. It’s a matte, and it was $15 (free shipping). I got it and I really do love it– it’s really pigmented and I like matte lipsticks. I noticed it was a lot like my Revlon Creme Super Lustrous lipstick in Siren (only about $5 from Target). Here’s a swatch and side-by-side:


On the left is MAC’s matte Sounds Like Noise, and the right swatch/lipstick is Revlon’s Creme Siren. The Revlon swatch (right) has a bit more reddish tint to it than the MAC. Also, if you don’t like matte, don’t go with the MAC… it’s REALLY matte! I usually put on some chap stick before applying the matte colors because they’re so dry.

I love them both, so really it’s just preference. If you feel like splurging a little and you really love orange lipsticks like me, go for the MAC one! On a regular day, though, I have to stick with my go-to… Good ol’ Burt’s Bees;)


Happy makeup-ing!:)

Be a Nerd Loud and Proud!– Nerdy Fashion

Apparently, it is more than “acceptable” to be a nerd today. This is great for nerdy girls like me! If you’re a nerd and are in need of some fashion to flaunt that nerdy-ness, then here’s a few sites for you to check out!

Black Milk Clothing:

Above, I’ve posted a few of my favorites from! I’ll start out by being honest here… this place is kinda super expensive. But if you just have to have your LOTR leggings, Gameboy dress or Darth swimsuit, then they certainly have it! They’re known for their Middle Earth and Star Wars themed clothes:)

Hot Topic:


Generally, when one thinks of Hot Topic, one generally thinks of screamo, the color black and generally scary things. But seriously, Hot Topic has some awesome nerdy stuff! YouTube stars, Doctor Who, and my personal favorite– Harry Potter😉

Forever 21:


Forever 21 is my favorite store– they have every kind of everything so you can be sure to find something that suits your personal style, plus they are not afraid to cater to us nerds– Back to the Future, cats and dinos, oh my!

Hope you all enjoyed this post, and stay nerdy!

Current Favorite DIY Home Decorations

Lately I’ve been all about interior design and fun and easy DIY home decor, so here’s a few favorites I’ve stumbled across! Some are more doable than others, but all of these are manageable if you take some time! Plus, decorating your home and making it yours via your own DIY stuff makes ya feel warm and fuzzy inside;)

1) Hanging Flower Poofs

Why, it is a poof of flowers!

Why, it is a poof of flowers!

These are adorable and add a little life to your place. All you need is a foam ball (a 3″ ball is about $5) and some flowers (daisies are $1.67 at Hobby Lobby). Pin them or glue them onto the styrofoam ball, and voila. Hang with some ribbon or twine.

2) Bed Canopy and Light Display

bed canopy

Use tulle, organza or chiffon to create a homemade canopy, and use white Christmas lights for a warm glow at night:) BE CAREFUL not to let the Christmas lights rest on the fabric for too long with the lights on. It is best to pin the lights up first, and make sure that the fabric doesn’t touch the lights at all. Most Christmas light bulbs are probably not hot enough to light any fabric on fire, but better safe than not! This is easy to do, and adds a little something to simple bedroom decor.

3) Mason Glitter Candle Jars



These are great for Christmas time, or just as every day decoration! You can use whichever glitter color your heart desires for this project. Make a glue formula with any household glue (Elmer’s works great) and some water. The water makes the glue base easier to spread. Coat the inside of the jars with the glue formula, and throw in the glitter of your choice. Roll the glitter around, dump the excess and there ya have it. All you need is a tea light, and you are good to go:)

4) CD Rack Turned Storage

Ooh country chic;)

Ooh country chic;)

This is as simple as it sounds– it’s just a simple CD rack turned sideways and mounted onto the wall! How great is this for bathroom storage??

5) Spray Painted Thrifted Statues


Old plastic statues that you can find at any thrift store can be re-vamped by spray painting them metallic or white. You could even do spiffy colors like teal or hot pink:) Make it your own– cheap AND fun.

Hope this has inspired some of you! Now get to crafting!;)

Hayley Williams Fashion and Hair

Hayley Williams…

…has the best punk rock alternative style– her hair, her clothes, her attitude, everything! She’s a really interesting and genuine person, never afraid to be a little quirky and different, which makes her style that much better. She’s on of my personal style icons, so I want to hopefully inspire you and share some of her best style moments with you guys! Hope you enjoy– and comment to let me know who YOUR style icon is:)

First, for one of the things she is most known for (besides her awesome music, of course!): her crazy neon hair!

Original Orange and Yellow

Original Orange and Yellow ’07

Solid Orange Classic Bob

Solid Orange Classic Bob ’10

Pink and Orange w/ Baby Bangs

Pink and Orange w/ Baby Bangs ’13

Hayley has rocked many hairstyles– medium shags, baby bangs, classic bobs, even a sidecut! She rocks them all because she wears them with confidence!

Next: Hayley’s Wardrobe


As far as her wardrobe goes, Hayley’s clothes are mostly black and white with random splashes of color. She’s got a very punk-rock style (fittingly so), and she pretty much wears whatever she wants. Check out to steal her style and see where you can get exact replicas of her style. But don’t be afraid to go for a similar style on your own– just use her style as inspiration for your own!

Hope this has given you a little inspiration, and be like Hayley– wear what you want, be who you want, and don’t be afraid to express yourself in your own way:)

Origami Stars! ^.^

When I saw this tutorial on Pinterest, I was so excited! I used to make these little stars when I was a little girl in elementary school, and I know many of my friends did too! If you were one of those and you forgot how to make them, or even if you’ve never made them before, this tutorial is easy and fun!

What you need:
Paper (You can color plain printer paper with pencils/crayons/markers!)

Steps 1-3:
1) Cut strips of paper that measure 8.5″ x 0.5″
2) Fold around into bow (bottom left)
3) Fold and insert tab into hole (bottom right)

Steps 4-6…
4) Gently pull tab thru (top left)
5) Fold excess tab (top right)
6) Keep folding!… and folding… and folding… until…

Steps 7-9
7) You’re now left with this! (top left)
8) Insert remaining tab inside (top right)– now you have a flat pentagon!
9) Use your nail to push in all 5 sides and…

VOILA! Your origami stars!

Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial! These are great to make just for fun, to put out decoratively (in a bowl, etc.), as confetti, used inside gift boxes or whatever you want. You can even use scrapbook paper or decorate them yourself with colored pencils!

Happy Origami-ing:3

Hello Kitty Fashion! =^..^=

Hello Kitty. You either love her or ya hate her. I happen to have a newfound love for HK! Now that I’ve gotten into it, I see Hello Kitty everywhere. I just want to share with you guys some of the cutest Hello Kitty fashion I’ve run across– and,  it’s affordable! Here’s some things that I am loving!

Hello Kitty line at Forever21

I’ve noticed since moving from my home state that many places lack a Forever 21 store in their area. This. Is. A travesty. BUT the great thing about it is, Forever 21 is just as cheap online as it is in-store! The HK Line at Forever 21 is adorable. Here are a few items in particular that I love!

Hello Kitty Cluster Shorts, $14.80

Hello Kitty Cluster Shorts, $14.80

Hello Kitty Scarf Print Toiletry Bag, $8.80

Hello Kitty Scarf Print Toiletry Bag, $8.80

Hello Kitty Scarf Print Pillow, $12.80

Hello Kitty Scarf Print Pillow, $12.80

Hello Kitty at Hot Topic

As with Forever 21, your area has one close or it doesn’t. But Hot Topic does seem to be more prevalent than a Forever 21, and they also have a great website! Here’s a few favorites from HT.

Hello Kitty Bandeau Swimsuit

Hello Kitty Bandeau Swimsuit

Hello Kitty Red and White Dome Bag

Hello Kitty Large Bling Nameplate Necklace

Hello Kitty Red and White Dome Bag

Hello Kitty Red and White Dome Bag

^^^ I have been eyeing this purse for MONTHS… Ugh. *drools*

Hello Kitty at Sephora

This is virtually pointless... but ADORABLE!

Tokyo Pop Liquid Nail Art
This is virtually pointless… but ADORABLE!

Tokyo Pop Eyeshadow Palette

Tokyo Pop Eyeshadow Palette

Hello Kitty Brush Set

Hello Kitty Brush Set


So there ya have it. A few of my personal favorite Hello Kitty finds!